Project Manager

Amber Hill is a registered Landscape Architect dedicated to crafting contemplative spaces that unite people with nature. With over a decade of experience, her design philosophy revolves around the transformative power of landscapes to create deep connections between individuals and their surroundings. Her iterative and elegant approach to design, paired with her commitment to enduring client relationships, yields innovative and cherished landscapes.

Amber’s expertise is wide-ranging, from planning international residential districts to seamlessly harmonizing gardens with their surroundings. At all scales, Amber draws her primary inspiration from people and context which is evident across her diverse portfolio.

Her career encompasses many project typologies, including public plazas, parks, streetscapes, corporate amenity spaces, rooftop amenity decks, academic institutions, high-end residential design, and estate master planning.

In 2023 Amber transitioned to her role as Senior Landscape Architect at PEBL. Her extensive experience with large-scale civic projects equips her with a unique ability to navigate the complexities of residential-scale project management with finesse. Influenced by her global experiences in Europe and Asia, she seamlessly blends contemporary and traditional elements into her residential design work, aiming to create spaces that resonate with a sense of tranquility in nature.

Her professional approach is underpinned by creating strong client partnerships, serving as the cornerstone for each project. These collaborative relationships drive her work to exceed design and craftsmanship standards while also reflecting the unique perspective of each client.

Beyond her professional work, she explores other creative and fulfilling activities, including baking, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, hiking, camping, and cherishing moments with her family and friends.

Contact: – 651.368.1074